Product List

Waterbased Liquid Inks for various application, Flexographic or Rotogravure System
Coating (OPV) for various purposes

Waterbased adhesive/Glue for Kraft Liner & Liner Board
(Solid : 24 – 53%, Viscosity : 1500 – 18000 cps)
Powder SP : Tapioca Starch Glue Additive to improve bonding, Pin Test strength and to reduce Scrap for corrugated sheet manufacturing.

Printing Plate : Rubber Printing Plate (for hand and Laser Engraving) 4 & 7 Thickness
Cushion Plate :
“R/BAK” PSA & SF Blue for high Graphic Printing 0,120”(3,05mm)x44”(1,12mm)x100ft (30,46m)
Polyester Mounting Film (Astralon)
FIX BAR/STOPPER : 3mm x 10mm x 1200mm OR 2400mm
Quality Control Instrument :
Anilox hand proofer : for ink’s color control & overprint Varnishes evaluation (with or without Dr. Blade)