Brief history & Profile 

Established in April 2000 by founder who has been in the same business line since end of 1988. Happened to tie with one of Japanese Inks, Pigments and Coatings producer through a joint venture in 1996 till early 2000.

The founder and his loyal executives/assistants then resigned one by one and re-gather again in April 2000 to serve their long tied customers in water based system.

Together they consistently serve the customers while upgrading the R&D, Production and Administration System, RD, while extending solutions required by their customers as well which is oftenly difficult to get from other local Water based Ink makers.

With their utmost high dedication and idealistic team, supported by more than 18 years of experiences in the field, enabled them to achieve significant yet extra ordinary pace of growth every year ever since the establishment.

Upon receiving “trust from their customers, they began to establish a servicing branch in Semarang in 2001, in Surabaya in Feb 2002, and in Batam in April 2003; and as for Medan, the third largest Industrial Investment Area in Indonesia, a marketing agreement was done in 13/09/2003 with one of the well known Flexo Ink Distributor there.

Besides, here are some of the notable outstanding reputations:
Water based Inks for PE Laminated Paper Drinking Cups, applied by Rotogravure or Flexo System.
Being the first Indonesia Local Private Investment Company who succeed in exporting their products to Singapore since November 2003 till present, and to Phillipines since Januari 2006.
Realizing that those reputations should be well maintained and improved from time to time, the company then established MANUAL SYSTEM which enable them to track or trace back every past activities in order to decide the right steps for the forthcoming days, quick yet accurately.
The most outstanding and most recent remarkable reputation is that being the first in Indonesia to be able to produce and sell WATERBASED INKS for Flexible Films & Foil like PET, PVC, Shrink PVC and Soft Alu Foil.